CityFibre embarked on its Bristol Gigabit City project one year ago alongside launch partner Triangle Networks, enabling the local ISP to steal a march by delivering Gigabit-speed-as-standard to customers massively restricted by the limitations of copper wires. One such client is Wildseed Studios.

Wildseed Studios is a production company based in the heart of Bristol that works collaboratively across the globe. It specialises in TV and cinema production, and one of its larger projects involved
working alongside Disney XD. Wildseed handles the majority of its conceptual work but relies on  production teams in Canada to create the final product. This cross- Atlantic operation demands a  reliable Internet connection with Skype calls and file sharing a vital part of the shared production  process. At any one time across the office there will be at least two or three Skype calls taking place,  communicating with teams across the UK and internationally. But it’s not just the VoIP access that stresses the network, file sharing too is an essential business function. Animations are typically huge  graphical files with an average 10 minute episode amounting to a 175GB file that had to previously be uploaded and downloaded on Wildseed’s inconsistent BT connection. Sometimes, because the  connection was so lacking, the upload would have to restart three or four times, and in some extreme  cases the firm had to physically post a hard drive with the full episode across the Atlantic to Canada to  be prepped for broadcast. One project required Wildseed to deliver 52 episodes of this size, so the  networking team knew they needed an alternative solution.

Enter local comms provider Triangle  Networks, CityFibre’s Gigabit City partner in Bristol, which connected Wildseed’s building to  CityFibre’s Gigabit network, immediately transforming the business. Video communication is now seamless having reduced lag by 250 per cent to a level not even noticeable. File sharing has also  switched from being a headache to a business tool. The typical 40GB master files that would be  shared multiple times throughout the production process used to take Wildseed over 27 hours to download, and the transfer would often fail. Now, a transfer takes just minutes.

Triangle began its commercial life in 2004 and by 2006 had built its first VoIP platform. The company’s offering includes Internet access, traditional ISDN services, numbering, SIP trunking and its Hive Wi-Fi social media log-in platform. The company also has a hosted system called Noodlebox with a variety of apps designed to improve the customer experience for partners.

Triangle’s channel partners display a shared vision to drive change in the industry. “Rarely do we partner with organisations that just want to resell products that ‘will do’,” stated Paul Anslow. “It is surprising to see that some companies would rather sell a traditional service that is marginally cheaper, especially one that will be insufficient in less than a year’s time. We have become more selective for that reason, and our partnership with CityFibre allows us to be much more discerning. If you have the appetite for something very new, get involved. For the right company this is a game changing opportunity.”


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Staff at 12 year old Triangle Networks have visited the Balloon Fiesta for a number of years, but this year will be supporting as one of the ‘Member’ companies and Official Suppliers’ supporting the show, alongside a number of other great Bristol businesses and key sponsors.

The world famous Bristol Balloon Fiesta, reaches its 38th year this weekend, having been founded by the Bristol Junior Chamber and Don Cameron of Cameron Balloons in 1978.  The weekend includes 150 balloons of varying shapes and sizes, dominating the landscape over Ashton Court and beyond.

A real favourite of the locals, past years have seen up to spectators, with a surprising number arriving at 6am to see the stunning Balloon ascent, and many more arriving in the evening to see the magical night glows. In total, over the weekend, event organisers Richmond Event Management will expertly host 500,000 visitors to this growing event. A staggering number!



Triangle Networks Managing Director Paul Anslow says “The Balloon Fiesta is an example of Bristol’s great triumphs, which we see more and more of every day. I have tried my hardest to draw comparisons between 150 balloons, and 1000 Mb internet access but it is a tenuous link at best”.  Suggestions welcome!


For more information about the Balloon Fiesta, go to

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Powerboat racing will thrill crowds in Clevedon this month

(Article courtesy of North Somerset Times, 5th August 2016 url:

Picture: Mike Powell Photography

ThunderCat Racing UK will descend on the town from August 27-28 for rounds nine and 10 of its official championship series which will be held between Clevedon Pier and Marine Lake with races consisting of long-distance and shorter races.

The event is being organised by Paul Anslow, Clevedon Chamber of Commerce chairman, who has praised the collaboration with other groups in the town, including Clevedon School business students who will organise a VIP area on the pier.

He said: “The ThunderCat racing event is the chamber of commerce’s contribution to the Clevedon 2020 effort to raise the profile of Clevedon as a destination.

“We have also been extremely pleased with the huge amount of collaboration throughout the project involving North Somerset Council, Clevedon School and the pier amongst others.

“We also hope to increase footfall in the Marine Lake and Salthouse Fields areas, to support the flower show and our friends at MARLENS.

“Most importantly, we are taking a great deal of care to keep everyone safe, and to ensure that our fellow Clevedonians are not inconvenienced in any way.”

Paul was particularly complimentary about North Somerset Council’s involvement in the project as the authority will allow the free use of the Castlewood car park and it will run a shuttle service to the seafront, while it is also helping to look at possible locations for a temporary camp site.

A council spokesman said: “This is a new event for the area making good use of the bay at Clevedon.

“As with all new events, it brings in a new visitor demographic and provides the opportunity to show what Clevedon has to offer.”

More businesses are also wanted to sponsor a boat for the event which will give them access to the pier viewing area as well as logos on their boat.

For more details, email

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Article courtesy of Bristol Post 7th July 2016

Several local firms have teamed up to bring ultra fast broadband to Bristol from left: Paul Anslow (Triangle Networks), Paul Brown (MHI), Lee Watts (Layered Technologies) and Bob Irwin (Triangle Networks) date:07.07.2016 photographer:James Beck/freelance

Several local firms have teamed up to bring ultra fast broadband to Bristol
from left: Paul Anslow (Triangle Networks), Paul Brown (MHI), Lee Watts (Layered Technologies) and Bob Irwin (Triangle Networks)
photographer:James Beck/freelance

Bristol has become the latest Gigabit city and now boasts some of the fastest internet speeds in the world.

The days of the “buffering bar” and the “spinning wheel of doom” are over as companies CityFibre and Triangle have come together to provide ultra-fast internet across the city.

The first businesses have started to connect to the network and are enjoying internet speeds of up to 1,000megabits per second (Mbps) – 100 times faster than the average broadband connection in Bristol.

Commercial Director of CityFibre, Rob Hamlin, said: “We are thrilled to announce that our pure fibre network in Bristol is now live, just three months after launch.

“The internet plays a significant part in the lives of most people – be it for work or at home, and it was important for us to bring ultra-fast internet to the South West’s major city.

“Thanks to our ultra-fast speeds, we can now call Bristol a Gigabit city which means businesses are even better position to compete on both the national and international stage.”

Most firms and household in Bristol use a traditional broadband connection which relies on copper wires.

CityFibre has bought and is continuing to extend a large network of pipes across the city, which they have filled with high-tech fibre-optic cables.

These glass cables deliver an internet connection at the speed of light which is highly reliable and efficient.

While CityFibre own the infrastructure, customers sign up to the service with providers Triangle.

Mr Hamlin said: “Most of the broadband network in the UK is owned by BT, and while that is fine for many people, CityFibre believe in the benefit of competition and in offering consumers other options.

“Much of the Bristol and the UK’s internet infrastructure uses telephone connections which were originally put in place for telephone lines before the internet was even invented.

“The benefit of the CityFibre network is that it is in a sense future-proof. The fibre-optic cables can connect hundreds of users without any pinch points or impacting on speed. This network is going to be used in the city for generations to come.”

The ultra-fast network extends across Bristol and in to parts of South Gloucestershire including Aztec West.

While it is predominately aimed at businesses, Mr Hamlin said there is no reason why homes might not benefit from it in the future.

He said: “We aim to be able to offer 80per cent of businesses, schools and agencies in Bristol the ability to connect to CityFibre, and we are extending our network all the time.

“We also encourage people to tell us where they want to see network availability for us to investigate.”

One of the first businesses to sign up to the ultra-fast network is Layered Tech based near the Arnolfini.


Director, Lee Watts, said: “For us it has just made everything we do quicker. As a software company we rely on the internet, and now we are able to carry out upload tasks which would have taken us all night in just a couple of minutes.

“It has also provided a boost to morale, as people are no longer getting frustrated with the internet dropping out or buffering.”

Managing Director of Triangle, Paul Anslow, said: “Increasingly services such as VoIP, remote storage and a new generation of cloud services are changing the way businesses operate but connectivity is holding many businesses back.

“As demand for greater bandwidth continues to grow, Bristol is now ahead of the game. The arrival of this network, with speeds of up to 1,000Mbps, is helping to transform Bristol into one of the best connected cities on the planet, capable of supporting whatever digital requirements the future holds.

“CityFibre aren’t using legacy networks which means there is no copper to restrict the internet speeds the network can support. This translates into practically limitless capacity making the use of applications such as Office 365, video conferencing and VoIP a practical reality.”


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Triangle Networks launch ultra-fast business broadband services over CityFibre’s Bristol network offering future-proof connectivity at affordable prices.

Bristol, February 23rd 2015 – Triangle Networks, one of Bristol’s leading Internet Service Providers and launch partner on CityFibre’s Bristol: Gigabit City project, has today launched a portfolio of new, ultra-fast services targeted at Bristol’s business community. Made possible by CityFibre’s pure fibre, gigabit-speed network in the city, Triangle’s new services bring speeds typically affordable only by the largest businesses, within reach for the first time, of the small and medium sized business.

At an event held at the Engine Shed, home of ‘Bristol is Open’, and attended by business leaders, council representatives and key figures from Bristol’s tech community, Triangle formally launched the new pure-fibre products. They include an entry level and symmetrical 500Mbps broadband service as well as a full 1000Mbps symmetrical service.

Speaking at the event, Greg Mesch CEO at CityFibre said: “It’s great to see how fast this project has become a reality. From our Bristol Gigabit City announcement, a little over a month ago, we are now at the point of launching services to the market that will change the way that Bristol does business. Pure fibre infrastructure is raising the bar and resetting expectations everywhere we look and here is yet another example; ultra-fast speeds, affordable and within reach of almost every business. Exciting times are ahead.”

Paul Anslow, MD at Triangle Networks, said: “Thousands of Bristol businesses have never had access to ultra-fast internet speeds because of the huge costs associated with traditional networks. From today – they do. The services we have launched today over CityFibre’s pure fibre network have the capability to revolutionise a business’ digital experience and transform the way they operate. With affordable access to speeds light-years ahead of your current services, now is the time to register your interest and reach out one of our partners. Gig Up Bristol!”

Business looking to sign up to the network can do so via

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Bristol+Gigabit+City+BannerCityFibre has announce that Bristol will become the UK’s next Gigabit City.

It is the first to be launched by the company following its £90 million acquisition of KCOM’s national fibre networks (excluding Hull and East Yorkshire). CityFibre will begin work to commercialise 82km of pure fibre network assets in the city and surrounding areas.

Triangle Networks, a locally based internet service provider (ISP) boasting hundreds of existing customers in the city, will be the ‘Bristol: Gigabit City’ launch partner. Triangle is committing a minimum of 100 new customers on the network by year-end. They will work closely with CityFibre to encourage businesses across the city, to connect to the pure fibre network and take advantage of market-leading ‘Gigabit-speed-as-standard’ services.

As one of the most digitally advanced cities in the UK, Bristol is ideally suited to make the most of the new infrastructure. The network will complement Bristol’s renowned smart city strategy, which has already made the city a test bed for innovative digital projects. These include Bristol university’s city-sensor network; ‘Bristol is Open’, a laboratory exploring big data solutions to problems such as traffic congestion and air pollution; and the trialling of driverless car technology.

Paul Anslow, MD at Triangle Networks said: “We’re hugely excited to be CityFibre’s Gigabit City launch partner on this project. We have been watching demand for ultra-fast services grow exponentially in recent years and this project has the potential to unlock a tide of demand for faster, more resilient and more affordable services. “As this is a pure fibre network, Triangle will be launching services that are ‘Gigabit-speed-as-standard’, far faster than those possible on ‘Fibre to the cabinet’ networks that are still restricted by the limitations of copper wires. This enables businesses to stop concerning themselves with bandwidth restrictions and start to make the most of new ways of working that will improve their experience and drive the bottom line.”

Greg Mesch, CEO of CityFibre added: “We’re delighted to be able to announce Bristol as our next Gigabit City project and to be working with Triangle Networks, experts and innovators in business connectivity, to ensure its success. Bristol is already a UK leader in digital innovation, but its business community has not yet had the opportunity to take full-advantage. This project provides that opportunity and I could think of nowhere more exciting to begin our latest project. Less than a month after announcing our acquisition of KCOM’s networks, we have begun to commercialise them. As the UK’s largest alternative infrastructure provider, this is the first of many new Gigabit City launches to come on our expanded footprint of 36 cities across the UK.”

Bristol Gigabit City will be officially launched at an event in February at which point a city-wide marketing campaign will begin, raising awareness of the benefits to businesses from the Gigabit speed services on offer and enabling CityFibre to map demand for local network expansion projects.

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TabletennisAs part of a commitment to promote healthier lifestyles among its employees, Triangle are challenging local businesses to come and test their table tennis skills at their headquarters near Bristol.

Table Tennis is taking the country by storm, with tables popping up everywhere.

Aled from Table Tennis UK is at the centre of the project to get businesses in Bristol getting staff and visitors into the game.

“Table Tennis is accessible to anyone, the benefits to businesses and Schools have been clear to see,” he says. “It’s great to have Triangle’s support, and we’ve been encouraged by their positive approach to getting staff on their feet and all involved.”

The new table has taken pride of place in the previously empty atrium area of the Triangle offices, and has been a real hit with the team.

If you think your skills are up to the challenge, please get in touch.

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Third party cloud services like email, data hosting and voice over IP have become an increasing part of many small business’ day to day operations.

Because these cloud services are delivered entirely through the internet, like your Gmail, Drop Box or Skype would be at home, reliable access to the internet has become vital.

But in business parks and retail areas situated outside large cities, the infrastructure doesn’t provide the required reliability. The ongoing ‘roll out’ of super-fast internet by BT Openreach at least offers businesses a bit more bandwidth, at some point in the future, but it doesn’t solve the issue of reliability.

The rock solid connectivity that many businesses assume their provider will deliver, often comes at a cost that can only be met by larger businesses and educational organisations; in excess of £300 a month, out of reach for many smaller firms.

As a result, many businesses face an uncomfortable trade-off between reliability and cost, with nothing in between. Until now.

With the introduction of the government’s Connected Vouchers scheme, businesses can now fund some of the infrastructure requirements themselves, bringing the price down significantly.

Since becoming an ISP two years ago, Triangle Networks (known to many previously as Triangle Telecom) have been working on raising the standards of connectivity available to smaller businesses in the South West.

Following a key technology partnership that provides capability to install and manage infrastructure directly, Triangle can now offer site-specific Ethernet services at highly competitive prices.

The specialist aviation training organisation Bristol Groundschool located in the Kenn business park area have been the first to adopt this innovative new service.

Bristol Groundschool’s Managing Director Alex Whittingham says “It feels good to have confidence in our internet connection, and we are pleased that the service has been delivered efficiently and at a reasonable price”

Triangle’s Managing Director Paul Anslow comments

“Small businesses don’t have to wait months or even years for BT Openreach to roll out super-fast Broadband in their area”

“The truth is, it’s not financially viable for BT to prioritise business parks over the many thousands of homes still waiting for the service,” he says. “But fortunately we’ve come up with a reliable, cost effective solution. This is a new service that no one else is providing, so I commend Bristol Groundschool for their early adopter approach. I’m pleased they’ve had such a positive experience so quickly.”

To get connected, contact us on 01275 871122

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Triangle Telecom are proud to have gained an enviable reputation for customer service during our 11 years of trading. Our ability to provide a consistently high customer experience comes down largely to our flexibility. During our 11 years, we’ve had to adapt and change to enable us to provide our customers with the business communications technologies that keep them at the top of their game.

We’ve seen traditional calls and line services increasingly give way to combined call, video and internet communications. We’ve reached a point where many businesses live and die based on the quality of their internet connection strategy.

Triangle is equally proud to have met this change in technology with a raft of advanced new network investment and cutting edge web development. Such is our success that Triangle are now a leading SME business ISP for Bristol and North Somerset.

Part of our strategy for 2015 is a change in name that shows the world what sort of company we have become. We are excited to announce that Triangle Telecom will now be known as Triangle Networks.

More than ever businesses need a host of cloud services, data backup facilities, reliably fast internet, and a hybrid approach to their communications. Triangle Networks enable all of these through our unlimited broadband service and super-fast, super-reliable, Gigabit Ethernet platforms.  In addition, our Hive WiFi ( service is a gateway to enhanced social media presence.

“Changing our name is an important part of our strategy for 2015.  We want to demonstrate our commitment to the future of communications to our partners and customers. We recognise the part that the internet plays in delivering voice and data services, our name change reflects that.” Paul Anslow – Managing Director, Triangle Networks

For more information regarding ‘Super-reliable’ ‘Uber-mega-net’ connectivity, email us on or register your interest at

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Business customers need to be better informed of the precautions necessary against telephone fraud, says Paul Anslow, MD of South West-based communications provider Triangle.

15308122_loresHosting a session at the AGM of the Federation of Communication Services (FCS), Paul made a number of best practice recommendations for telecoms resellers and service providers.

Telephone fraud has increased significantly in the UK recently, and can prove costly for businesses targeted by fraudsters.

“Work has been carried out to address standards in Voice over IP, but landline services are less easy to control, as real time line monitoring is not available,” said Paul. “Call logging and similar hardware solutions do help, but they can be costly.”

As a landline and VoIP provider, Triangle has been able to offer some useful insights into the differences between VoIP and landlines, and how to have a joined up approach to this issue. Triangle’s specially designed combined landline and VoIP solution was created with these issues in mind.

“What we really need to do is make sure customers are well informed and know what they can do to protect themselves, but also make sure that the financial impact is limited as much as possible,” added Paul.

“As part of the best practice criteria, we have included a promise to all customers not to profit from fraudulent calls,” he said. “Disappointingly this value is not a policy that all providers recognise.”

The session was the brainchild of FCS CEO Chris Pateman and Cathy Gerosa Head of Regulatory Affairs, but indicative of the great work carried out by the team at the FCS.

If you would like to know more about the steps that can be taken against telephone fraud, contact us on 01275 871122.

Special thanks to Chris Renton for the photography.

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